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My Mother's Home

Currently we have one orphanage. It is known as both "My Mother's House" and "My Mother's Home". It is home to 8 Ghanaian children.  We intend to keep the home small with a family setting. We believe this will be the best environment for raising the children.  The family is a family in every sense of the word. The Ma Comfort and Brother Evans live with and care for the children. Brother Evans, the Executive Director of Nyame Adom Foundation Ghana, heads the family. He is a college-educated social worker who is able to provide counseling to the children.

In My Mother's Home the children are given food, clothing, medical treatment, school supplies and fees etc. – everything required to meet their physical needs. The children are being raised together as a family in a family setting with their ma and da. In the Ghanaian culture, the extended family is very important. We at NAFofA honor and respect the extended families by ensuring the children go to their hometowns. In their hometowns they will be able to visit their extended families (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents etc.) and maintain their familial ties. The father and mother do everything they can to attend to the emotional needs of the children. Ma also ensures the children attend the church so their spiritual and religious needs are met. NAFofA will do everything we can to ensure the children are raised in a loving, supportive environment.

NAFofA completed the building of My Mother's Home. In the following pictures you can see the house at the beginning of the project to where it is today. You can also see the bathhouse.


Home Before

Here is what My Mother's Home looked like when we started.  Note that the floors are still dirt and the walls have not been plastered.


Completed Home

The home is now completed. You'll see the floors have been poured; the walls have been plastered; a small decorative wall was added to the porch area and the whole house has now been painted. You'll also notice that the windows and doors are installed.


Completed Bath House

Here is the completed bath house from a front view.  It has lighting, two rooms with outhouse types of toilets and two rooms for bathing.