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Bead to Feed / Fund Raising


So, So Sorry!  Our website is currently down.

BUT we are at Best Bead Shows in Tucson, AZ Feb. 6-10 in space PN-106

Kino Veterans Memorial
Community Center

2805 E Ajo Way, Tucson, AZ 85713-6217
(Intersection of E. Ajo Way & Forgeus Ave./
Across from University Physicians Hospital)


Fund Raising Ideas

Nyame Adom Foundation of America can use whatever an individual, school group, church group, adult group, youth group or senior group can do. We need funds for today as well as the future. Below are some ideas to help raise funds.

Car Washes, Garage Sales, Raffles, Super Bowl Events, Bake Sales, Asking others for Donations, Selling Crafts, Selling Unwanted items on the internet and donating the proceeds to NAFofA.